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synovitis and the keratitis. Both knees and both eyes are affected,

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four hours has been collected and measured, and unless the specimen em-

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right of and above the umbilicus. On palpation, it Avas tender, large,

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out her tongue. The organ was lying on a table by her side. Only

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act. He could seldom manage this without medicine, and had been a

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is certainly well taken that ''the important point for the surgeon and

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At the patient's second visit an internal examination is made.

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into congenital and acquired, or pathological, displacements. As

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while in the blood, it is free before absorption, and after ex-

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MoscncowiTZ {Meil. Rec, l!^. Y., 1904, May 14) describes a simple

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trembling, uncertain as to how far it may venture to swing back

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more than double the normal. During the convulsion the tracing was

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chapter of a national organization that exists to provide support and encourage-

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was doing what was wrong. The mode of putting the latter part of

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indicate that the presence of urea is not the sole determinating factor in uraemia,

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1. Pus and exudate from the urethra, prostate, and seminal vesi-

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siderable amount, and the transformation of this into fibrous tissue

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apex of a conical glass. Under morbid conditions the urine may be turbid

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tion of one frog per annum. There were no blood-counts, Widal

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gauge the precise extent of the mental deficiency or disturbance

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function of the liver, which in such^ instances is generally

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taken from the urethra, from Skene's ducts, or from Bartholin's

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facilitated by putting a small pillow behind the hepatic region. The

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practice. Trendelenburg was the first to advocate obliteration of the

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to place the patient on an abduction frame. The splint is very

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deaths to vagus inhibition during light anffisthesia (the occurrence