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This local reaction is only obtained in the tuberculous form of leprosy, and
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1 JFchnschr. f. Therap. u. Hyg. dcs Auges, No. 43, 1903.
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profession here gave the first clear indication of the route by
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side of the heart, the intervening engorged lung adding an
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manner appropriate to the course and its objectives. Grades shall be assigned
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to render the secretions, as the urine, more^ acid than they
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B.Sc, Edinburgh. (Eight months' laboratory (five at Edinburgh University)
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upon the cheek and another above the gum. Three months later,
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These cases are at least so far recognised in this country, that
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special measures suited according to the particular varieties of ulcers in
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forms of ponderable matter ; then the gradual synthesis of
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it appeared that the accused knew that he was committing a
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pregnant women is normal as regards red corpuscles and h£emoglobin, but
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if a larger percentage of women escape the deteriorating influence
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syphilitic nurse. It appears to us that the only reasonable course is to
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there may be syncope passing into coma and paralysis when the
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Digitalis affects the heart, and Stramonium the respiration?
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physicians, or scholars in basic or clinical research or administration.
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cedema — the marked hydraemia and the increased arterial pressure. If the
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processed, the patient and his family are prepared for decisions and judgments and
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Of the 125 cases, sixty occurred in females and sixty-five in males.
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Finally, he had an attack of retention Avhich Avas relieved by a catheter,
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with the modes of matter concerned with the local memories {e.g. word-deafness,
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aspect, then it is pretty safe to say that the patient has really got rid of
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gradually increasing in severity until they attained their original severity.
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vitality ; and it increases flatulent distension. All nutriment
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ployed for identification seemed to point to certainty as to the precise
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appendical tissue. The diagnosis can and should be made with accuracy
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