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noses alone; such studies are not reliable unless confirmed by
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him at the oral examination. The men of the time of which I am
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lished its causal agent. How this organism enters and leaves the human
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is exaggeration of the deep reflexes and ankle clonus. Bafcinski's sign
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almost equal difficulty brought down also, and even now the trunk
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and through an interdisciplinary, longitudinal, educational program that is
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about by the lever manoeuvres of abduction, or by extension, but all
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the intestine, therefore, is to be considered much more as a
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in the brachial and digital pressures is 30 to 40 mm. Hg. A constant
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in the selection and use of recent preparations. The completeness of
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aS'. hrevis from the air. A streptococcus ("air streptococcus") was
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yet the chief object of the terminal portion of that membrane
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acute pemphigus to warrant the belief that they belong to the same
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be administered for the purpose of correction, as in applying it to
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general arrangement and size of the volume are the same as in the
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of the tubes to the ovaries and pelvic peritoneum. In this case,
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only his case, but all cases of the disease in question, as due to
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ture containing hexamine, which has been shown experimentally
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generally have a high percentage of alcohol owing to the abund-
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considered at the close of the section treating of Neurotica,
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of the perspiration is apt to be increased. This is especially
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Johnston, Gerald S., MD, Professor and Acting Chairman
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The previous history was entirely negative; the only one of the diseases
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exhausted. In shock, on the contrary, stimulants are contra-indicate<l,
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exempt from re-examination in general surgery and pathology.
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A few drops of tincture of guaiacum are added to some ozonic ether (an
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professors of anatomy may be met with who boast that they have
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that it is necessary for purposes of comparison to recognise a type, and this
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ignorance. We have often seen children come to our clinics wearing
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dent in: 1) acquiring a foundation of knowledge regarding the psychological,
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Though the abnormal fermentations as a inile are soon reduced or
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(4) Infants under two years will receive not less than one-half