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separates them clearly enough from ordinary healthy men. They
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complicated by eclampsia; the foetus was macerated. She is now
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occur in the second stage, the patient remaining conscious.
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" hacking," and was little more than the clearing of the throat.
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general and looked too philosophical for common use ; the sub-
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of colloidal chemistry to manufacturing problems. When one con-
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low temperature, occasional vomiting, and towards the end slight muscular
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body, the blood being so intimately associated with every organ
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to the kidneys," etc., avoiding the essential question of the nature of
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Matanoski, Genevieve E., MD, DrPH, Adjunct Associate Professor
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tip to the parietal peritoneum opposite the outer part of Poupart's
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has considerable pain for the following twenty-four to forty-eight
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parents usually stated that it had lasted " for years," or that the
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Anatomy (including gross anatomy, histology and embryology), Biochemistry,
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fluidextraet of veratrum viride. He re- *^« «^^°* ""^ veratnun. You will occasion-
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stopped, we may cause it to reappear ; when another secretion
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Journal of Hygiene. It is interesting to note that the result of the
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distension of the organ. When this reaches a certain degree afferent
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was seen which the mother affirmed had been there for long. This was
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Schick there has been ample opportunity to study its limitations.
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apparatus, forms in the aggregate the largest secreting orgm
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tions in the catalog of the institution. In addition, faculty members have the
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child being born with ophthalmia neonatorum. The treatment of
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are obvious and the diagnosis of gall-bladder disease seems clear the
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can rest and modify the routine of their lives are more amenable to treat-
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ance, and mental deficiency with emotional instability are closely
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literature and science. Amongst the memorable results of this
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body weight, that is, an average man weighing say 10 stones
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varied from 560 c.c. to 1610 c.c. The specific gravity varied from 1.012 to 1.028.
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be exercised duly and timeously, none being overstrained, none
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the freezing point was never equal, the greatest difi"erence being 0°"33.
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their origin in the latter case might be of a similar nature. The
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4. Nitrous oxide is without doubt the safest antesthetic which