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he makes a dozen to twenty knots and then he should run these
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fossa, by an incision extending from the loin behind. Some clear fluid
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Many volatile oils have been detected by their odour in the
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Ruegg, Charles E., PhD, Research Assistant Professor
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_ ,. It has been sugoested that radium might afford
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cation. To this end, the office employs one full-time associate dean and one full-
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which accompanies them is due to the solution of unusually large amounts
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often that the two symptoms occurred simultaneously, though the
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whole corn kernel contains considerable vitamin-B, a little vitamin— A,
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treatment of fifty-eight days, seven of these cases were cured, while the
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and their Eabbis even recommend it in moderate quantities after
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regards prognosis and treatment in eases of hyperemesis. Ante-
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to have wholly escaped. On this assumption the state of Bathsheba
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undergraduate college or university docs not have a premedical committee or
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convulsed animals. In another series of experiments the vagi and
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and especially from the alveolus of the right upper second incisor ; no
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By William Elder, M.D., F.Fi.C.T.Ed.,' Physiciaoi, Lcith Hosjntal ;
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Santa B:irl>ara. San I'lejo. Southern raltfomla : In
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nerves. It must not be confounded with the diaphoresis
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plaint of dull headache affecting the occipital region, or less commonly the
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factor. Considering only the direct experimental evidence we find
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and auscultation discovered a difficulty in the passage of fluid.
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wonders of cures. A great many people were cured of pains and
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tic lectures, clinics and numerous teaching conferences with emphasis on patient
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part of the country, her subsequent history is unknown.
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the ends of the bones are sometimes greatly enlarged and tender
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ever, that they could have been committed only by an individual
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Case 5. — Intestinal obstruction nearly two years after o]>eration for
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Committee on Scientifle Work: Theodore B. Appel, Chairman, 305 North Duke St., Lancasttf.
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