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instruments used for diagnostic and therapeutical purposes are clearly
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There are two modes by which we may get rid of the poison
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of hepatic derangement. In Intermittent disorders, debility,
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ether, and that the forceps had slipped, and that he could not turn. He
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felt. The cardiac dulness is of normal size. The heart-sounds, though
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tense; knee-jerks exaggerated; positive Babinski; no rigidity of the
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tim of paresis forges checks, makes fraudulent claims on property,
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Diagnosis. — The only means of determining whether a patient has a
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by the purgadve medicine. We must either suppose the
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itself was to all appearance normal macroscopically ; the liver and
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Fkaser, Sir Thomas R., Case of Coni[)lete Transposition of the \'iscera,
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fists ! " A knowledge of reference is knowledge," said old Malmes-
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ies are progressing with cardiology, and used angiography equipment is being
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Bechterew's disease in the presence of cord symptoms (especially the
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single layer, on the spool, and tied at both ends to prevent unravelling.
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more influence in causing the improvement, as has the change of
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cases, and in three others in which it occurred in the morning,
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' "Defective Vision in School Children from an Economic Standpoint," read
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in excess in the blood. In Gout we have sometimes a deposit
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still be performed with advantage if, at the same time, an intravenous injection of
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But it was not merely a theoretical or second-hand knowledge
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cipient cases, wiU protect the public by less- ^ot injure the status of the consumptive,
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pure water, and we have seen in this sample after a week or two
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has been strongly suspected and found to be so. Of course s}^hilis
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this theory would not account for the rupture following a fall on the
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bacteria have a special tendency to settle in the lung or in
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mouth. Some grey muco-purulent discharge escaped. A fore-finger,
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may act in a mode which is more or less analogous to an ac-
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if the patient's condition justifies. Bladder disease in these cases is
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in the previous operation. In either case it will be sufficient to begin
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