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The Terchloride of Gold may be used in Syphilis in the
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duced, the cure becomes more severe than the disease. One must
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clinical pathology, neuropathology, immunopathology, forensic pathology
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cannot stop here, for the grey matter is made up largely of
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or senna, imparts a pink tint to the phosphate precipitate, which however
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and a full-time staff, with the assistance of a faculty advisory committee.
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the physical act of the crime may be but a bubbling expression of its
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vehicle in which it is conveyed. It is very desirable, therefore,,
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normal urine, but whether or no such proteid comes through the kidneys or
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In the operative technique we observe Mr. Robson again emphasises
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practitioner must be of the scantiest. It is difficult to see how this
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of phthisis. The first symptom is increased blood pressure, showing
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Pais, S.Osher, MD, Medical School Associate Professor
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the ca^costomy opening. If fluid, introduced into the rectum,
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entitled to be included among; the materials from which it is formed.
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agreed that they have no value in the most acute cases, or in
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tests, was in the negative. Then we had to consider that under
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know " ; what does a woman think of a young medico who is
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could be stained. Chemical analysis gave the following results : —
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would have been cut during the operation.) Above the obstruction, the
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ventricle. Digitalis under these circumstances, by still farther
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through them, is recommended, rather than that great manipulative
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Lead III. — The average ventricular rate is 94 per minute, with a slight
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extent without affecting the skin. Turning to some groups of diseases,
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contains, in addition to coddiver oil, in the form of a fine emulsion,
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Diaijnosis. — " Intestinal obstruction — from a band 1 " The attacks
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their collegiate status being assimilated to that of students who have
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the best known are the series introduced by Dr. Gustav Zander,
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prompted Ijy any essential difference of opinion, bvit by a doubt
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When the stomach is irritable, it should b^ given after meals,
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ment of all of these diseases, but more especially in Gout.
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after another. In this case I was able to get a thorough examination made
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A man from a northern country town brought his son, a