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permanent. He lays great stress on the importance of this factor, as the

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" Diseases of the Nose and its Accessory Cavities," 1890, p. 164. 18.

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the body within a few hours after passing through the solution of

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to suicide. Occasionally states of incoherence, confusion and mania

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from intestinal obstruction is the result of delay in operating.

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among Eastern races. As the child, however, is always laid on its

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Two other calves, which had not been vaccinated, but which had been

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be mistaken for lymphocytes. In i^rimary tuberculous pletiral effusions,

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prpbable that their Neurotic action is not so mach owing to

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of interest to all medical men, and it is worth while to give in brief

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in this case questions and even denies the responsibility and the

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frequently disappointed in their hopes of a cure, has led them

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treatment of congenital fistula, has proved permanently successful.

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it is probable that the vomiting is not caused by irritation,

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cases, and generally contains but a small number of species. (4) The

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debility ; while the attacks which recur so often as several times

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tenderest and most sacred feelings of hundreds of millions of

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the treatment of the disease may be in part due to the alcohol

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introduction of dirty sounds, catheters, and other surgical instruments is a

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is well defined; the conduction time is normal (0.16 second). The R-wave here,

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as even approximately correct. The view urged by Pfister (Lucerne)

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put favorable suggestions into his consciousness and set him thinking

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mation in the gall-bladder as a result of excess of cholesterin in the

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33 per cent, of births. If these figures are even approximately true,

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yet the resulting fourfold individual is imperfectly formed, contract into

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with carcinoma over this area, the irritation best accounting for the causation

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Mi-i.. I!. I ■on. Wiisli, : l,..i|.; I..ik.-. (iaiiricls. Ka.v

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the controlling nervous mechanism of micturition is a complex one, we find

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The irritation may disturb sleep, and even when sufficiently comatose to

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