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riculum Coordinating Committee, composed of department chairpersons, spe-

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points are worthy of attention : — (1) Cancer cells frequently contain

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section may, in certain cases of placenta prJEvia, diminish greatly the

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tubular that of urea. Such differences have been actually observed. _

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cyproheptadine is used for what

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present day : and I shall go farther, and state that there are few

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in large doses Neurotic; in all cases Eliminative. But we

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increases the quantity of free acid in the system, and tends

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tlirodesLs. eitlier alone or combined with tendon trans-

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natural altogether out of man's life, as a matter about which nothing

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commences during the period of puberty, is to be found the

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of a trypanosoma, which multiplies in the Cnlex i^iinens, and, after a

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Eoyal Medical Society : the assistance it gives in the assimilation

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should be fully warned of the jeopardy to health, to personal

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patient to bed, introducing a catheter into the bladder, and tying it in for

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and without radiation. He also complained of abdominal pain after being on

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On completion of the above course, lieutenants on probation

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group of affections, and that they may possibly be allied. — Journ. Cutmi.

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undoubtedly a malignant growth, on account of its superficial

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of typhoid fever in 1895, and for which there must have been an

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of salpingitis reported by Martin, von Eosthorn, and Williams,

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Applicants must have a grade point average of not less than 2.7 and 90

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exposure. It is advisable, therefore, so as to guarantee some

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take place. The vaginal douche, however, is only an accessory to the

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Tabloid Hydrarg. Perchlor. ; Tabloid Hypodermic Stryxhnine

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rirst head, there is an exce^l.nt chapter on "what the teacher can do to

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colon, and palpating the gall bladder, bile ducts, pylorus, appendix,

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