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besides a number of neryous symptoms, tends to bring on a

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again be raised in the Sudan ; and yet here we have the Report of

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remain a classic; although it is only fair to say that similar findings

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Burroughs, Wellcome & Co. have sent us one of tlieir All-Glass

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they induce wakefulness. This is particularly the case with

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university's professional schools, the medical system is the training site for phar-

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I make my incision obliquely througli the great trochanter (Fig. 14).

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Every one of the children in my series of cases after a certain

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Gibraltar, Crete, and Cyprus ; probably also in Italy (southern portion),

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are kept in touch with continual incoming sensory stimuli ; do not

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It is by the production of nausea that Antimony becomes

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Epstein, Robert S., MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

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blood which are associated with the respiratory process.

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place it well abducted. On the opposite side I make an outer

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aside cases of " accidental anaemia," those caused by ha?niorrhage,

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often syhilis will be found to be the disturbing element.

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morphonuclears, 41 per cent. ; lymphocytes, 59 per cent. ; negative for

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Dr. Billing to a contraction of the capillary vessels; by Dr.

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together, being so often successive or alternating stages in the patient's

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logical processes. INIr. Ward's exposition of the theory is, however,

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For instance, a blacksmith came to M. Coue to be treated for

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nodules are of an extremely hard consistence. The presence of

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ber, but in all there was a moderate degree of poikilocytosis, and this

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of respiration for the systemic arterial system. This fact may be

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Maine. Mooseliead I<ake. RaUReler T4lkes, Belgrade

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withdrawal of fluid from it to pass into (say) the a(;[ueous. Now this is