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bacilli can be grown from it ; that the organism is not constantly, but

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treatment. My reported cases show only too well how little is

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occurring in trainmen, who were injnred while coupling cars.

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liquid fffces. The button Avas lying quite loose and exposed in the

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variations in the outlines of lolenral effusions by means of radioscopy, in

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given as drugs or contained in sweets may impart a pink colour to the

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enema funnel should not be raised more than three feet in the

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Lead III. — Average ventricular rate 65 per minute. The P-wave is well

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pain, followed by vomiting, possibly w^ith hcematemesis and

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improves their condition when they are relaxed, inflamed,

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Colic is the most constant one, is due to infiltration of the intestinal

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abdomen apart from fracture of the pelvis. The present paper deals

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was able to remove all of the calculus except two portions which were

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turbidity when the urine is acidified with acetic acid in the cold. The

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In inflammatory habits a small addition of Tartar Emetic

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ical measures, the editor has probably attempted the impossible, as,

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heart, it diminishes congestion of the venous system, and by

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said of the secondary action of Narcotics, that there are two

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There is, of course, a risk of producing nephritis in the expectant

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merger of graduate education and research administration and development of

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fourteen cases one succumbed from exhaustion after the operation.

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disproportionate. These are thinner and less resistant to dis-

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then, that disablement of the muscular and rhythmical actions

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'Chauffard: "Lemons sur la lithiase biliaire," Paris, p. 36, 1914.

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the importance of avoiding infection of the hands by handling septic

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of fluid in the blood, and in this way to promote absorption.

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half the number of normal corpuscles. Further, after a course

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urethra, with the point directed towards the floor of the canal in order to avoid

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which it is most usually confounded being enteric fever, rheumatism, acute

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29. Fenwick—" Dyspepsia in Childhood," Allbutt's "System f.f