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of biliary affections. Chauffard has described tender points over the

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that the two columns of Table IV show an inverse ratio, i.e., three

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some days after the administration of the poison, the contents of the

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are necessary in order that it may act efficiently. The muscles

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Ulceration may occur, but it is not certain. The haeillary-

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to the person responsible for the amesthetic and bad for the

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even accidentally ; its use is extended to other diseases, in a

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on careful heating, either on water bath or over small open flame, a reddish

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Third operation, June 6, 1903, by myself. The old scar in the

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It may be observed that this idea of action by contact can-

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The value of administering sodium bicarbonate with the intent

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smells, and contributing much to the sanitary condition of habita-

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obstruction of the ureters, as in cases in which one kidney has been

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produced any good effect. There had been no serious pain.

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stage, the epidermis becomes somewhat hardened by exposure,

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gerous remedy we have, at least as dangerous as opium, an extremely

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lytic may operate so as to counteract this already existing

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]\Iuch of what I have been saying has arisen from our speaking

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Edge,- quoting Merletti, says : " The orarij exhibits a certain

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of Bheims, as occurring constantly among the zinc-workers.

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recogtiise the symptom-complex of the disease, but ascribe it to

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anatomical and experimental observations, the anthors show that there

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of the after-coming head. — Dr. Ranken Lyle read " Notes on an

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modus operandi of Neurotics, I will now proceed to divide the

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In Oxaluria, the employment of Hitric acid as a remedy

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the nature of the resinous group. Turpentine, Juniper, and

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Salines are hydragogue. Bequiring water for their proper

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way as in the normal animal. AVhen the physiological dose no longer

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condition of the pelvic organs, and the absence of signs pointing to any

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the articular ends of the bones, instead of having a smooth carti-

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