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established practically puts this fact beyond any doubt.

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increased in quantity. It is stated by Berzelius to be lactic

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years, in acquiring a practical familiarity with the details of mechanical

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have also a peculiar and mysterioub action on the mind, which

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arrhythmia. The P-R interval measures 0.2 second. The beginning of the

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to, counteract disorders which depend upon active morbid

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vides a continuous clinical experience through all four undergraduate years. Stu-

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bottle. The nurse must be young, healthy, and good-tempered,

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then, at the very beginning of the infection, that the heart and vessels

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conduce to health and fecundity ; bvit their morality is low —

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occurs at the root or in the continuity of the nerve.

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ment from time to time, and ultimately died in the country,

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Compared with beer it would have been South Fifteenth Street, has opened evening

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a Chair. When Dr. Wood resigned in 1901, Dr. Mills succeeded

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An important role of the Student Council is the budgeting o( student

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Dracontiasis." The final part of the Eeport consists in a paper

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conditions which promote the secretion of sweat, and certain

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appendix vermiformis, that is to say, when lectures are done away

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in part on the erroneous assumption that jaundice should be present.

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The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, linked with the statewide

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F. Edge, quoting from Merletti,^ gives the following statistics : —

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Student Environmental Association. Members meet informally several times

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or both feet in the position of greatest mechanical advantage, he

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there had been a previous operation — in one-third for tonsillectomy

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of ]\I. Coue, at iSTancy, in France. M. Coue is a chemist who became

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shown by municipalities in their methods of dealing with health

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defined crackling sounds, suggesting the explosion of a minute

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after trauma, and by cases of severe idiopathic renal hsematuria and

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day, may reasonably enough have a very similar effect, given plenty of

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Although, however, a large number of cases fall within a

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rice, not less than six of a group of eleven men who submitted to it

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necessaril}' safe for use for domestic purposes, "might be fairly used as

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These nervous symptoms are caused by the accumulation in

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must always be his main guide. For the young practitioner who

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