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The act of micturition takes longer, it is more frequent, and it is painful.
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How it is to be prevented, or, when it has occurred, how it is to be
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Michigan. He had no foreign service. While in the army he was well except
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the intermediate division of Nerve-medicines, calltd Narco-
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sufficiently advanced to allow of its incorporation in the present
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other observers, had proved that superheated steam was not so good a
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the completeness of recovery. The typical outline of the upper limit is
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Thomas D. Davis, Chairman, 261 Shadjr Ave., Pittsburg, "Berm Expires 1908.
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idea of " ephemeromorphs," that is, of transitorily occurring phases
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association with rickets; (2) slightly lowered blood calcium content.
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numbers, the proportion of boys and girls was practically equal —
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home as I can, and it is that if patients with acute intestinal
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the secretion of urine to go on as in health* The powerful
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(1) The red blood corpuscles are diminished in the early months, in
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casting techniques. Student conferences and didactic sessions are conducted to
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The hospital's intensive care units serve seven medical specialties. Its
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as time goes on. As one of the consequences of the great exten-
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liver during an attack of gall-stones or cholecystitis is diflicult to
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which the growth Avas brought out of the abdomen. It was cut away,
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By C. B. Keetley, Y.Ji.G.^., Surgeon to the West London Hospital;
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histological investigation of them and their connections, work
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of the disease ; the usual ending is caseous degeneration.
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In health this factor varies considerably at different periods of the day,
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epigastric pain, deranged appetite, cough, and nocturnal restlessness,
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muscle which, while is some instances due to other causes is frequently
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possible leak of infected urine from the pyelotomy incision.
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Hamilton, John Abercromby, the younger Andrew Duncan,
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there were a good many cells of the myelocyte type, but with
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the blood brain barrier, model brain tumors, tissue culture, microwave hyper-
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comprehensive cardiology program for children and adults. The Stroke Data
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Among a number of investigations in relation to the preparation of
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Major awards illustrate the strength and scope of the research environment at
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collapse, are suggestive of a phase of gastric ulcer ; yet such a
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And if this deficiency of Potash were the sole cause of Scurvy,
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should not be exceeded. This limit is, however, little more than
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on the face and neck. There were no enlarged glands. A sickly odour
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those of an affection occurring in adults, which until recently was
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hypertrophied, but otherwise looked normal. On closer examination, as
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with its outcome of " conscience clauses " and consequent epidemics.