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would appear that enlarged tonsils or adenoids had little to do

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which best fulfil the requirements for a beneficial action of the

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as if it had recently been distended. A portion of it was drawn out,

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be hypnotised into being better men and women and that indeed it

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life history of the trypanosomes of mammalia, especially of those

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acid be added those^f two equivalents of Ammonia, we again

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transverse colon, it should be drawn well out of the abdomen,

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telling them it is better, but surely adults who have sense, and many

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be given by mouth, rectum or intravenously, according to the gravity

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in contact with oxygenated blood at body temperature. A rise in uric

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resemble the manic-depressive psychosis with its intervals of lucidity,

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loses the growth factor and the property of curing xerophthalmia,

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of 2 per cent citric acid and 1 per cent picric acid is added until a second mark

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of droplets of sweat from a carefully prepared hand, through an accidental

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our natural foodstuffs. Thus, to consider a few typical examples, the

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Avater, dries, pours in plenty of the particular stain, e.g. carbol fuchsin on

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of the lecture. A very kindly invitation is extended to come and

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of biochemistry to medical problems. The course presentations include lecture

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mixture, he wrote " tinct. ejusdem " ; the chemist being unversed

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the campus with the Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center and

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they are very useful in cases of hnmaturia, where Sulphuric

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while the other kidney has from some cause been thrown out of action.

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14th was small and irregular, as may be seen in Fig. 1, the breathing

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Zoologij. — The examination in zoology will include the general

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seems to be beyond the chance of incidental error, for the number

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Daly, Mel P., MB, DCH, Medical School Assistant Professor (Family Medicine)

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Elaterium. When a Diuretic is required to eliminate fluid

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Eliminatives are used to restore the function of a gland