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of case that the laboratory doing routine culture without control smear will

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time. Facts like this must certainly be regarded as point-

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no indication of its presence. In one of my cases the effusion

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the number of not less than 10,000,000 per cubic centimetre of saliva.

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teen of whom he found retinal haemorrhages. In most of the cases

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funeral pyre, or burial in a tomb or grave. The Jews and

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FBIIJIDBI.PHIA— R. Max Goepp, M. D.. Philadelphls

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In emphasizing the value of the smear, we realize that we are sub-

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membrane. In two of Pringle's cases the grafting had to be repeated,

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cardboard or other letters, London coidd have achieved very

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Mr. Brande to go. on until the liquid is saturated with this

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made, the patient Avas very nervous, and constantly cried for chloroform,

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by dietetic means, by diminishing the amount of the carbo-

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will do it. So will any thing that thins the mucus when thick

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oi research funding tor the School ot Medicine has risen dramatically in recent

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use, viz., a complement fixation test (corresponding to the Wasser-

cyproheptadine hydrochloride syrup side effects sore throat

deductions have served to form the basis of an irrational materialism. It will be

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is usually made that it does not occur in the renal excretion unless after

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pay and allowances " (Column A) from the date of their arrival in

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of an M.L.D. so as to allow for waste and assure the injection of not

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the symptom that is dreaded is only relieved for a time

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of altering the natural performance of its functions. The

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which we are acquainted appear to direct their action to the

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drained, urine escaped from its cavity for about a month, then it closed

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in Maryland offering pancreas/kidney transplants and lung transplants. The hos-

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continuously through the vaccine emulsion for six hours. The vaccine

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of nutrition. Thus these are probably th^ excreted products

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'Johnson, George F. : Quotation, Dr. J. W. Keefe, Tr. Am. Asso. of Obs.