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^ See Northumberland and Ditrham Medical Journal. January 1903, p. 50.
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enhance the effect of its opposite, is drawn upwards to allow the
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in all cardiopathies attended with hypoarterial tension the arsenical
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considerable number of cases one can get a history from the
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that the causes of the reduced resistance are resident in the environ-
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the patient was given 100 grms. bread and 2 oz. of the extract, but no
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Ninth District- Beaver County, George J. Boyd, Beaver Falls; Lawrence County, James M. Popp,
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acids be in excess their combination products may also be in excess, which
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19 per cent., respectively, when referred to body weight and to
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the medical literature (introduced in Biostatistics). Each student is required to
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often regarded as intellectual wonders. They are sensitive and ego-
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from the blood, tends to render the urine more acid.
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Such conditions have been cured by the application of magnets in
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and a full-time staff, with the assistance of a faculty advisory committee.
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produced by a blister. The advantage of this plan is most
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intention of lessening or obliterating adduction with pelvic tilting,
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After every stool the anus is thoroughly washed with cold water
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There is practical unanimity among them as to the outstanding value
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H The Douglass Award for Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
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the Post-gTaduate Children's Clinic on ISTovember 23, 1921, being
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were the information more minute and exact and obtained on the
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Avas no connection established betAveen the amount of the substance, the
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widely studied, since attention was first called to them by A. von
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eration and therefore it is very easy to see why dangerous assaults
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they may destroy nervous power, and remove nervous control.
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perienced persons, nothing like exact results can ever be obtained
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it brings on the shaking paralysis of Delirium tremens. By
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fibrinous tissue. The constriction, set up chemically, is ap-
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exact situation of the disease ; its character ; whether a growth is
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escape. Opposite the growth a single enlarged gland was found in the