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dizzy spells, and these are many times true forms of petit mal which

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National Dental Hospital or College, Great Portland Street, W.

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primarily clue to central nervous changes ; they may appear as maculae or

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with jaundice, enlargement of the liver, and pyuria and albuminuria,

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Franklin, is nearly as good for an invalid as healthy weather.

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matter of molecules and their inter-relations. Of course we have

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a tertiary manifestation. The signs and s^Tnptoms of syphilitic

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Fig. Ill shows ill-fitting' gold eroAvn and ])eriapical alveolar absorption.

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of the heart ; Blood-letting weakens the force of tixe heart by

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is sufficient to measure the amount of COo eliminated by the air in the

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connected with nervous disturbances, such as an epileptic fit, or more

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It may act by holding in solution fibrinous and fatty matters,

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separating all adhesions. The pelvis was covered by a layer of fat

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it follows a cold bath, and sometimes severe muscular exertion — causes

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apprehends and appreciates its consequences and effects, that man

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of the skin, which it increases in amount. Most particularly

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proteids, and reduces the nitrogenous output, and a diminution of these

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Freshman or sophomore medical students may develop minimester electives in

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attachments and by a large number of well-organised adhesions, the

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good or evil, and understood what he did," Arnold was con-

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would distinguish different varieties of cerebral fatigue, resulting

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by Paracelsus long ago, man being considered by him as the

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undoubtedly from the Leishman-Donovan bodies. Moreover, he

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I have to talk, my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth."

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As a physiologist, I can come to no other conclusion, after not

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cular disease, endocrinology, environmental health, epidemiology, infections,

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She was rather corpulent, which condition hindered accurate

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was taught by Bennett, gross morbid anatomy in the post-mortem

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The section on })rophylaxis is by Drs. iNI'Farland and Babcock, and

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the aqueous humour of an eye affected with cataract possesses an amount

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malignant ovarian cysts. Their conclusions are as follows : — When the