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of being easily tired and he also had headaches every week or two; frontal and
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beyond the requirements of the First Professional Examination. The
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there is lipoma, angioma, fibroma, syphilitic gumma, hypertrophy of the
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safe guide to mothers and nurses who desire to have a reason for the
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said, can never under any circumstances give an exact, or even
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alkalies, such as 2 drams (Chauffard) of bismuth carbonate, which
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of extreme fury and frenzy, during which vicious assaults and homi-
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ment impossible. And now is a favourable time to draw attention
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gent, have been found in the urine; as Alum, Lead, and the
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for a case of hypo- or hypertension, or, gTanting the value of the water
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definite compound atoms. And it is possible that the atom
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establish clearly the existence of insanity, may yet be quite
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Expansion of facilities and activities to continue eminence in this area is in
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forefront. Tliis makes it necessary to exercise great care in interpreting
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cordial region, which is due to a derangement of the stomach,
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to note that the clinical history agrees with the slight character of the
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seized suddenly for the first time Avith a severe abdominal pain and
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conformable to Widal's formula. Peritoneal eff'usions of tuberculous
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position of insanity in the criminal law was Hale. The law prior
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inhalations are unlikely to cure alone, they do good by preventing
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In the acute peri-typhlitic abscess, on the other hand, the bacteria are
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the needs of individual students, physicians and other health care workers. By
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There is no way of evading the difficulty of adapting the subjectivity of the
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talc on the trunk, covered with cotton-wool and a light bandage on the
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Electives Open to First, Second and Fourth Year Students
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sigmoid flexure. It was small and of the constricting variety of
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September 6, 2 p. ii. : Pulse, 94 : temperature. 00
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diuretics not use<l until after readjustment of the
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fluent orator but a dry stick in the ladies' l)Oudoir. And skill iir
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stimulus is conveyed at the normal rapidity, and hence the ventricle
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diseased intelligence. Instances of this sort are often the subject of
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rontgenograms were made of the patients, the silhouettes were traced
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and of permanent value. The various pa])ers on " Surgical Affections of
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systole, reducing the rate of the heart, and improving cardio-