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invariably report back B. Coll or simply '"Colon Group and Saprophytes" or some
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specific stimuli (toxins) ; or (2) they are related to the chronicity or
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is a type of the Murphy leg corset (Fig. 5.) This is made of washable
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minimize biliary stasis should be continued after an attack. A mix-
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Mercury and other medicines which promote the secretion
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present, and both in cases of pneumonia during the stage of resolution,
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hand. It is also obvious that the social worker in rural communities
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line digitoxin, but unfortunately this preparation has proved very
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proved particularly suitable for nervous exhaustion and neurasthenia.
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could not be opened. Kopke now found swelling of the hard palate
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the upper part of the femur, left fixed after Gant's incision, has
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Aloes appears to act on the lower part of the intestine, and
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or the patient will swing on crutches. In such a case I look for
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By John Wortabet, i\I.D., Cor. Member of the Medico-Chirurgical
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principles underlying the distribution, metabolism, mechanism o{ action and
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for instance, to one phase in the development of the trypanosome.
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to the commencement of the thrombosis of the cava. In a case
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the civilian population, in which fully 70 per cent, of the cases of diphtheria
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portions are not merely parallel, but almost complete a straight
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mellitus and malignant disease. Although urea contributes so large a
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and study the specimens with its aid. This we have done on many
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seeing the true nature of his act, but because they pressed upon
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on careful heating, either on water bath or over small open flame, a reddish
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alternate years, by one of the extra-mural staff. If this proposal
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half an incli, or even an inch, too high, in consequence of the percussion-stroke not
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Sulphate and Sesquichloride may, by their topical action on
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canthus, was treated with this in solution of 1 to 9 first of all.
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involvement, because they convey toxic substances to be excreted, and
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Kidney disease may cause attacks of abdominal pain and other
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Sodium bicarbonate may also be prescribed in these cases.
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When convulsions occur with chronic nephritis they may similarly prove
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namely, the Eontgen rays and the tuberculin test ; but as I do
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are themselves secreted. But the converse of this — i. e. that
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than so much chalk mixture. ( Vide pp. 88, 143, 163, 168,