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pose that it acts by stimulating the nerves of the stomach
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lants. But between the two extremes there are certainly a large
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Both these methods are in some respects better than scraping,
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large quantities of urine as a valuable diagnostic sign in cases of advanced
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simply by providing a glycolytic ferment, but by influencing the
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inquired into. (6) Lastly, the situation of the ulcer should be noted, as certain
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and the formation of a sinus on one or more of its surfaces —
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twentieth year, when verbal education is being carried on, and
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not confirmed by the presiding judge, and in most respects it
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with this. In my opinion the danger of the Jarisch-Herxheimer
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applicants who are determined to be residents of the state of Maryland are invited
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sympathy, reverence. Kow it is physiology that teaches me
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from a quite different point of view. He has collected, perhaps rather ■
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How it is to be prevented, or, when it has occurred, how it is to be
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the importance of the condition entitles it to a much wider recog-
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are practically all avoidable. In late hip they consist of Hexion,
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of mild forms of cervical tuberculosis the infiltration of small
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was throughout studded with the disease. Geldner supposes that the
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Let us take broad views of things, and avoid viewing " a
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common are those with the fist or the foot. Crushes are usually due to
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extension, and if immobility be well secured, the so-called night-
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irritation. As this is manifold in its nature, and the pathological results
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nerve, are especially notable as indirect Expectorants. Such
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in the lymphocytes. The red cells were approximately normal in num-
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large doses they may add to that an irritant external action,
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of the carbohydrates that leads to the development of low fatty acids
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ti?^ of this division are to be found. The definitioh of tbis
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a series of ingeniously contrived experiments, arrived at the conclusion
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ence to use carbon-dioxide snow successfully than radium. One of
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may be released from her fullest maternal care. If the menses
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vision, which when carefully refracted and the children given proper
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prison officials to prevent this practice, and in those prisons where
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activities in which the primal research is along lines that might be
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of cancer. To test this point, he studied the effect of the expressed
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and illustrates their application to practical sm-gery and medicine. As
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tribution, although the red, congested areas were most pronounced at