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venereal treatment. Amongst the patients suffering from one or other

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Acetate of Lead is used internally as an Astringent, but

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septicaemia, which in the policy was further interpreted as

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stools required a proportion of from 40 to 50 per 1000 to kill them.

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Vertigo. — Porves Stewart, M.D., M.R.C.P., Assistant Physician, Westminster Hos-

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Cancer Research Center at the Wyman Park U.S. Public Health Service Hospi-

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graduate any student whose actions or overall academic performance, including

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possiljle. The jury perceived that he was in a position quite

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of education and increases the efiiciency of both the pupil and teacher

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cases in which Quinine is used. It is not a Tonic, nor does it

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adhesion easily accessible ; and to see curdled milk oozing through

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nation, offering students a wide selection of field experiences.

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some distance below the level of the swollen, thickened, and white edges,

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Dr. Bolam showed patches of round-celled infiltration, but no evidence

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or suppuration takes place. The perinseal hsematoma should be incised if

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or colic, or constipation, or some other more trifling trouble.

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are devoted to a description of the chemistry of food purins, methods

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possible means, as not only does the poison of this coccus affect the muscle-

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operates most favourably when given in too small a dos^ to

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emotionally. Several months ago before her menstrual period she

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shaped erythemata round the mouth, or bands of infiltration on the

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^Statistics supplied by G. Grey Turner, Surgical Registrar, Royal Infirmary,

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to become familiar with our laws, and fre- receipts.

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the patient and the comparative freedom from vomiting, all re-

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intensity diminishes markedly as suppuration subsides ; while, on the

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may co-exist. The value of a careful clinical history' in forming a

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occasionally a villous tumour makes its presence known by haemorrhage

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citis is local tenderness and radiation of pain into the right iliac fossa,

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is a non-conductor of heat, — ^tends powerfully to cause dia-

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low specific gravity, owing to the scantiness of the solid constituents.

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ployed, and is altogether distinct from its operation as a

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perhaps not very happily chosen. The editor states that " By natural

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however, were country children; and one of these came from

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of what we and they are hereditarily ; that our and their disposi-

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