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chief condition in which iron is useful, as Sir Lauder Brunton

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nars, conducting research and focusing on dissertation research. Subsequently,

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apparently recovered. The proof of epileptic attacks, although

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position. After the patient has recovered, and the bowel has

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and oedematous area appeared in the right hypochondrium, just at the costal

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same. The convulsion caused by Strychnia is tonic ; that by

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related to aging, cardiac arrhythmias, contraception, diabetes, epilepsy and

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strictly localised nlles in the upper part of the chest, we can be

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sulphuric acid and permanganate solution, but only after all trace of the

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light from darkness alone remained. Lateral nystagmus was present as

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Orlando, Joseph O, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

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it appears very probable that if human beings were subjected to the

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This influence over the intellectual functions is confined to

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arose in the town of Wakefield, as the result of some experiments made

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Oui* procedure at the Babies' Hospital Dispensaiy is to have the

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and the X-ray. If such were the case, we would expect the

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by far the greater proportion of carbohydrates ingested is taken in

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quency of micturition, sometimes with pain and sometimes associated with

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point at which he can be said to exercise any free choice what-

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* See account of the mode of preparation, by the Author, in the second

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Electrocardiographic Examination (Fig. 2). — Made by Dr. Harry D. Clough,

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crimes were committed by decrepit and physically defective indi-

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Syphilitic disease of the aorta is found most frequently in

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muscles, with photographs of cases Illustrating re-

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by an external incision through the supra-hyoid region. The indications

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history is of attacks of constipation, at first yielding to mild pur-

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to more than 5000 years l^efore the Christian era. The wonderful

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remissions, throughout the course of the fever, and sometimes for many

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features which recommend it to teachers of the subject, and a reviewer