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the patient made an uneventful recovery in a few weeks.
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Saunders, John R., Jr., MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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tion. Powerful Eliminatives do this when given in excess,
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observed. In acute nephritis the urine is scanty and actual suppression
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for the long continued extra work that is thrown on it.
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above normal ; and (2) on diluting different samples of the same urine
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women by Doran), there were only eight cases in which the
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of arterio-sclerosis, this may be relied on as an evidence that the disease
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rence. It could hardly be of use in this disorder unless it
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Alterations of temperature afford very little help to the diagnosis ; in
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should apparently be referred to rather as the " pneumococcus group."
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campus registration forms are available in each dean's office and in the Office of
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especially in the dyspepsia of breast-fed infants affected with the
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central, peripheral and neuromuscular systems. Faculty members participate in
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The instructional resources fee is charged to provide funds for supplies,
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it is pale and empty, the obstruction is above. By drawing down
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Of the mineral acids, Sulphuric acid is'the best Astringent*
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Hastings, Brian, MD, Medical School Assistant Professor
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circumstances, it is enabled to set free the Oxygen of water,
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Dr. Fraser of Wark reported her death in January 1904.
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solution into one of the veins, will cause vomiting. M.
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of conduct are determined by emotional conditions ; and he, there-
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heads, that they encounter ; they have not learned inhibition. No
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such as appendicitis, intestinal adhesions, gastric ulcer, tuberculous
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contrary, and tend to counteract one another. But it is often
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The Secretary — Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln's Inn Fields,
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Skin diseases are no doubt connected with some disorder
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from the blood, so that the ulterior eifect of the ansesthetrc
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a distinct seasonal variation in the severity of the symptoms : the
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