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best known as well as the most formidable of the syndromes arising
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comparatively little effect as long as the child remains at home,
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the sullen disposition of another man depend on his. The poet
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Khurana, Ramesh K., MBBS, Clinical Associate Professor
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more direct and intimate relation with " knowledge " than is manifested by other
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general nerve disturbance, causing an increased rate of heart's action, not
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probably produced in another way. Ipecacuanha is in the
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termed them fat soluble A, water soluble B and C, and more recently
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medicines than other glands whose proper office is one of
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aged twenty-nine, who had suffered from pain in the region of the right
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tional eight weeks must be spent in a student internship in one ot tour clinical
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steadily, and the bistouri cache' is passed along the groove until its hood is
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the corpuscles display a peculiar and abnormal tendency to
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blood-pressure rose abruptly to a very great height, sometimes even
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Total visits made school nurse, and her individual care, per-
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to body weight and height. This is evidence of marked enlargement.
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in the body we may distinguish an action of derangement.
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worshipped by Greeks and Romans. Still more ancient were the
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special measures suited according to the particular varieties of ulcers in
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who must have thought with "Wordsworth, that a new era was
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cyproheptadine hydrochloride syrup side effects eyes
first- and second-year medical students to improve academic performance in
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confined to cases of general paralysis. In only two instances was the
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or greater intricacy of representation, so that ultimately the highest motor
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temporary seemed much bigger than he, have dwindled consider-
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vation. It is more adapted for chronic than for acute dis-
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glycolytic activity of other tissues ; and, secondly, that carbohydrate
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dilatation, whilst others again are practically impermeable. As a general
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idiopathically as it were, that is when other causes can be absolutely
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number of cases from both areas, but the investigation is not
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gall-stones, etc., were present in a little less than 2 per cent, of the cases,
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The perforating ulcer of the foot is a peculiar type of sore which
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months before, the constipation ceased, and he had frequent diarrhoea.
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