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himself remarks, its importance compared to the purin origin is probably
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length of time, it is capable of producing a chronic injury of
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mental anatomy. Courses are offered to medical students and to graduate students
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one's faculties. In the first instance, if the surgeon be anything
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quieted, the scheming and planning of youthfulness for the future
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the child may appear comparatively well. One finds that there is
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ring-shaped, and had developed on a hair. It was extracted through the
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is exaggeration of the deep reflexes and ankle clonus. Bafcinski's sign
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Here we have six ingredients in one and her sufferings for the present are over,
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behavior modification with particular emphasis on smoking cessation has been
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botanist or pharmaceutical chemist is a person so thoroughly trained
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which contains pus is always albuminous even when the formed elements
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secretion, or causing, when the action' is violent, an outpouring
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Qydrocyanic acid is a powerful and dangerous medicine.
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various degenerative visceropathies, the Treponema 'pallidum early
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simply . . ." Eelapsing gonorrhoea is said to be " more annoying to the
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tion by a baud or by adhesions (see Cases 4, 5, 24). If there is no
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th^re is a ({vick bari pulse, or heat and dryness of the skin.
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medicine or surgery at a university in the United Kingdom, will be
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lymphocytes, 22"9 per cent. ; large lymphocytes, 8'2 per cent. ; poly-
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and in consequence a low form of caseous inflammation is set up,
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is one sign characteristic of lingual goitre, and that is the occurrence of
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no other focus being discoverable, the affection was regarded by
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would I distinguish between muscular and cerebral fatigue — and
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Of the advances in science that will mark the first quarter of the
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nuclears and eosinophiles, and no mast cells. The pulp of glands and
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months with daily lectures, demonstrations, laboratoiy and clinical
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liandle of a pair of axis-traction forceps was attached. Traction
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tain cond^on of the blood, this disease is Tery little under
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The chief factor which determines the variations observed in health is the
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other UMAB schools in all areas of media production.
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no improvement in the other symptoms. Ten days is, of course,