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in 1000 solution of adrenalin has been added, is a useful and safe

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the last fifteen years we have heard a great deal about athletics

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respiratory cases that occurred in the first winter of the recent

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freshman/sophomore credits before advancing to the third year. These electives

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of alcoholic beverages, and that 83 per cent, claimed that they used

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monary membrane. But they may often pass off by the skin

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ment seems constant, and hepatic enlargement common ; there is

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syphilitic treatment, complete recovery is generally obtained ;

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immediately over the left foramen of Monro, antl had produced con-

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cryosocopy, then injected phloridzin, and, as soon as glycosuria appeared,

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elsewhere was normal. The nodules did not strike one as being either

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serve to bring home the fact that there is a unity in the neuro-

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of an M.L.D. so as to allow for waste and assure the injection of not

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experimental methods, which will well repay careful study by bacteri-

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and conjunctiva?. He is not jaundiced, and there are no cutaneous

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and various functions. These cells are bound together so that aggre-

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Taylor, Richard L., MD, Clinical Associate Professor

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When the lining and enveloping membranes of the heart are

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morbid conditions, leucin, tyrosin, the diamines, cystin, and albumin. The

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inflammatory process, but is due to the growth of a membrane,

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calculus. One must differentiate: (a) by the appearance of the

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the subject of dosage advocate various sizes of doses ; for mild cases, for

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cases rarely arise in a perfectly piu'e form. We find generally

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latent bleeding does not occur in gastric neurosis ; (4) the test of great

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appears in a human embryo of the second month as a hollow fusiform body

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full of them : they shall not be ashamed, when they speak with

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Detection of Albumoses in Urine. — When present in sufficient quantities

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tings and that students will gain a firm appreciation o( the special health needs

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may show a positive Wassermann reaction and the patient therefore

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eonsiderable mystery attaches to the operation of this medicine.

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organs displayed in the photograph, but also all the underlying

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'^ I do not here mean to imply that the prodaots of the actions of all