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is frequently found useful by sailors on long^ voyages, and is
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are interested in the history of the universities. To the superficial
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the thickening extending a considerable distance along the shaft
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(12 hours), which is offered during the fall semester for 12 weeks (two rotations)
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the albuminuria ; and already she is much better. The obstetrical
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health, designed to ensure " the possession of a distinctly higli
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brane — the valve of Guerin — lies just within the meatus in the upper wall of the
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employed by writers to express different views, the determining factor
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which are the beds of tuberculous granulations. A close re-
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Corrigan pulse and capillary pulse, and by a blood-pressure in which,
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gastric fixfula ; cleatli. (PriA'ate Hospital.) — Female, set. 42, admitted
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Arsenic. {Anim. Ohem.y part i. p. 206.) He supposes that
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political reasons rather than on account of any special knowledge
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in many places inserted valuable notes giving information not furnished
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which these children suffer is not the primary factor — acting by
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they are only the least elevated ones, and the lower instincts that
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Lieutenants, when appointed on probation, will receive instruc-
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reserve should need arise for extension. They constitute the oldest
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treatment, great importance is put on prophylaxis, and after the onset of
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safe use of ergot. Uterine failure and even rupture is not
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Capsicum powder % gr. with the forceps under the influence of an
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history was negative. There was no history of venereal disease, or of trauma.
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exquisite because " humble " and familiar. Familiarity in physi-
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'T. H. Sweetseb, M.D. : Annals of Surgery, Ixxiii, Jan., 1921, No. 1, p. 4.
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a slight respiratory variation. T-3 is diphasic. There is no evidence of pre-
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not appear that it is itself excreted in the urine, though it may
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cause is in either the heart muscle or the intrinsic ganglia. In
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morbid process in the uterus having preceded the tuberculous
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is probably the method of choice. The treatment is of short duration,
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wounds, modern surgery practically dating from its promulgation ;
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(1) The initial dose should be of such size that a single dose will
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natural expulsion of the contents of the intestinal tube. Of
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contains the bacillary protein without the toxic substance. Therefore, any