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have to guide the surgeon in his operative procedures upon peripheral

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to flex the pelvis upon the spine, and, secondly, to conduct the

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gave a doubtful reaction ; seven gave a definite positive reaction. The

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o:'.!y the \ery lii-^t from a \a.s; I'luc'.'it of ma-

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moved her head and eyes continually. The fontanel was a little

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as a rule, considered fit subjects for asylum treatment ; punish-

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interest, for if that is denied him, he will, in the end, demand

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available to interested students who may desire a longer period of training and/or

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to find any other symptoms indicative of such a serious condition

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that its salts are liable to be redaced in the sjsteniy and it

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instances, however, to draw any definite conclusions as to its

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pre-elderly well, the hospitalized elderly, the frail homebound elderly, and the

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to occur between the second and fifth days «» *•" »»« ^^ ''■°™ ^^^ subjoined table:—

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opening only left a small mucous stain on the dressing.

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prsecox and paranoid states are comparatively rare. Of two hundred

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the patients recovered. In thirty-four cases there was retention of

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e.g., the brain, the meninges, the pericardium, the pleura, choroid, etc.

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of an excess of sodium hydrate in the hypobromite solution, and the nitrogen is

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a measure of functional eminence. Inhibition is a technical term

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April) gives a detailed analysis of the cerebro-spinal fluid in twenty-nine

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Hartmann, Peter H., MD, Clinical Associate Professor

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PREV 500/540/560. Introduction to Preventive Medicine. January Block.

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more rounded than the other. The percussion in this more convex

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was naturally more often elicited in the tuberculous variety of the disease,

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course, on the functional capacity, i.e., the tolerance of the digestive

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March 6, 1903. — She continued to be better till the evening,

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casts or cylindroids, deposits of uric acid or oxalates, excess of indican,

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Entered as Seoond.Class Hatter in the Poat^>fllee at Athens, Pa., October 4, 1904.