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The patient should be generally confined to the recumbent

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efforts, since they realize the value of good vision, and the handicap

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Student activities fees are used to meet the costs of various student activi-

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and tissue that it inevitably reflects every change in them. Setting

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factors. But, while we may thus analyse the factors which under-

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desirable in practice to have one bed free for emergency cases, espe-

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ment which the author has noticed in habitual criminals somewhat

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conditions coexist with tonsils and adenoids ; and in such cases a

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those in whom the disease commences in early childhood. This

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We are constantly hearing about new cures for these conditions.

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for healers of all kinds. There is no use arguing with these patients.

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the kidneys when drnnk in any quantity. The diuretic effect

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some skilful operators, that the lower edge of the liver has been shown by them as

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at a temperature of 18° C. to 29° C. In other cases, and at a lower

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Agrawal, Paramjit, MBBS, Clinical Assistant Professor

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feel satisfied unless he can continue to pass the full-sized instrument on

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Meyer {Arch. f. Gynilk., Berlin, Bd. Ixxi.) rej)orts on 117 cases treated

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Vead Hot Spriu'rs. San Diego. Coronado. Cal.: Tncaon.

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the changes in the adrenals and the vessel walls which in time lead

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as far as the knowledge of their times allowed, being excellent :

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Eustace Smith (-) considers that the condition is due to an

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abnormality in an individual with what we call a weakened or

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hospital for Manchester seems to have been discussed, and in

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paper is the somewhat unsatisfactory one that Ave are unable either to

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medium for bacteria ; their deposition is prevented. So by the establish-

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improving the general condition of the blood. Cardiac pain and

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Cancer research efforts focus upon accurately defining the sequence of

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symptoms of lodism. It is probable that in the former case

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the student with the knowledge of a one-year residency program. Tune spent in

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Coffee. It is not clear that Tea, as commonly drunk, is ever

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is much to be wondered at in the physical history of Mrs. Bishop.

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to the inner malleolus on either side, and comparing them. False