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'D. J. Davis: Jour. Infectious Dis., 1921, xxix, pp. 524.

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minal patients, and also helps develop hospital policy regarding such critical sit-

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Comminee on Malpractice : John B. Donaldson, Chairman, Canonsbuiv.

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the branches of the portal vein. Efforts to evacuate their contents are

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the physical characteristics of the surfaces affected, the appear-

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for believing that, in all cases, the toxic influence is mainly, if not entirely,

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may be harsh, owing to the increased functional activity, and

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ings is, " Eat oil with your food and anoint yourselves with it,

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and became continuous with the subendothelial tissue of the vena cava.

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and all precautions had not been taken. The dosage of the novarseno-

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subjects. Also offered are individually tailored courses designed to fulfill the spe-

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presented some acne on his face, tremor of the eyelids and hands, and athetoid

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speak definitely, as one is unable to judge with any degree of

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modic diseases, as Hysteria, where the health is deteriorated

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well charged, are much more constant in their supply than if the

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ficance. It all depends on whether the rales are persistent, and

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platinum plate, and hence the intensity of the ray in the reverse

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persons as possessing free will and judgment, with consciousness of

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the pneumococci recent work has shown the existence of a multiplicity

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more or less purgative when given under certain conditions.

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vallate papilke of the tongue may put another complexion on an

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and swelling of the feet have disappeared. She is practically well,

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equal to two teaspoonfuls of wine, or over have been running since March. These are

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War, seven cases were seen which presented heart murmurs of the

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prevent the occurrence of the disease, it is thus clearly suggested that

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fever, and generally acute symptoms, with a serum possessing a high

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He further states, that in his opinion the origin of the process is in the

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which proved fatal, without, however, materially alfecting the blood

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attendance, performance in medical interviewing and a written examination.

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to do well. The Eye Department of the Royal Infii-mary reported

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regarded as a purely muscular disorder. Great emphasis is laid on the

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acidosis developed within a few days. The value of the case is greatly

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its completion. Microscopic section of an indurated piece of omentum

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rigidity affects it in all directions — flexion, extension, abduction,

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