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which existed regarding the sterilising value of steam when under pres-
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prehensive network of affiliations designed to encompass the continuum of med-
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land. Today the School of Medicine serves as foundation of a large academic
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courses offered during the first three years of medical education, and an electives
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distant twilight of my student days, and I seem to see every look
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facts, shall not become a source of social danger either by his
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ary poverty, and Booth (^) estimated the percentage in London at
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general intelligence and power of control which the accused
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medies, apparentiy heterogeneous, were recognised then, as now, to be usefbl
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a medical officer of health, devoting his whole time to public
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Army Medical Services of other Powers ; and (f) the laws and customs of war in
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other times the objection takes the form that if the insanity
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Course — In Men. — Gonorrhoea is nearly always caught by direct in-
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When he was 10 years old he began to experience uncomfortable and
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small, on account of granular degeneration of the kidney, it
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ing of the latter. Their proof is comparatively easy and
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The soluble substances which thnsr pass off in the urine, and
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the head, and quote the personal example of Galen, who used to
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ordinary daylight, it gives rise to no special sensation ; but if this
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ment and/or high MCAT scores do not in themselves ensure acceptance. Of sig-
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2. Chemical. — The term "uraemia" was first employed under the idea that all
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angle open, the latter by diminishing the hypersemia and hyper-
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and others, and when it is thus made to appear that the deep
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point was that tlie bacilli were found most abundantly in those parts
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gradually diminishes during the course of the disease, it usually means a
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law, we shall necessarily find ourselves discussing views which are
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measure of its osmotic pressure, which again is proportional to the
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conspicuous effects upon the urine with which it is important to be familiar,
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medicinal action, but very different in chemical construction.
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