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and in addition, an index of the patient's resistance as shown by the

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The physical examination showed that he was sixteen pounds overweight;

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time microscopically detect them, and therefore we are quite un-

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name. Cases of this kind have been pubhshed rather as curiosities,

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extraordinary difficulty of arriving at an exact understanding of

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by strong or unsuitable antiseptic applications. The most typical example

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we may cause a copious evacuation of wate^r, holding insolu-'

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Evacuants; while Dr. Pereira entitles them Eccritics.

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times the staphylococcus — usually two organisms in symbiosis, and so

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necessary for this step has not yet been reached, and in the meantime

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dispensed without a "Shake" label, and the jn the presence of anemia or of falntness,

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This treatment should be combined with active sedative measures in the

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phates and a condition which has been called phosphatic diabetes is described

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and health services research. Students and residents are supervised by a team of

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proper, but essential, that you who are to be the guides of the

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simply by being itself secreted ; that while passing through a

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The following headings are published as a guide to candidates

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it is a study in which humanitarianism and science are intermingled

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cases of resolving infiltrations and glandular swelling as in suppurative

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process is arrested at, or diverted from, any of its stages : —

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failures. One finds in these, either that the kidney has become as

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ment of diseases of the biliary system : Twelve hours after a meal

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appointed Lecturer on Nervous Diseases in the University of

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both had vaginal discharges for which they were receiving treatment.

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quence of having been struck in the region of the left canine fossa

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and possibly incomplete knowledge or partial consciousness may be derived from

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as high normal for that diameter (15 cm.). In another case a

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motivations are immense for second-career students. People who come to med-

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clinics, which are now organized in most of our large cities, where

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tion are thereby demonstrated. During the second year there is active participa-

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structural shortening of the soft part remains and yields gradually