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an Application for Withdrawal form bearing the proper signatures must be filed
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being much less subject to abnormal decompositions ^vithin the in-
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pensated mitral regurgitation (Fig. 8).^ These tracings were
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'~^1-.?**- If^i- vlrWe- • 1 part 'tion. Suppose for example that I act as
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O-i El). MKI). 594— NBW SER. — VOL. XVI.— VI.
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tion of the urine is favoured by those conditions which repress
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adopted, especially if only one joint be involved ; and the ultimate
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snored. Five only were sleep-walkers. Six of the children
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recto-vesical pouch, and more readily when the examination is
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in the blood ; their ofSce is supply or substitution. Catalytics
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receive remuneration as fellows for the 10-week fellowships taken during vaca-
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tender, firm lump was felt in Douglas' pouch. Dr. Smith and I decided
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the author's wide clinlca> experience, it Is ex-
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Usual fee for six months' laboratory work, £10, 10s. to £21,
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(ii.) that it occurs both in health and in sickness, and is not limited to renal affec-
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circulation, respiration, and excretion. Humble things, I say,
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cataract, but to a less degree, according to Grilli, who thinks that this
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fibrin, the others being more or less organised. Endophlebitic changes
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ment; but now the routine is to give hydrargyrum cum creta (1 grain
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commence treatment as early as possible. So far no toxic effects have
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numerous crypts of Morgagni, which are largest and most numerous near the
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No one will deny that culture is frequently required, but such
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diminution or stoppage of its secretion. So a large dose of
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noted in the literature of this disease, whereas, on the other hand, much is
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take duty once in every three years. We are further of opinion
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been established, at which graduates can study at first hand the diseases
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interesting account of the physical and chemical properties of air, and
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The phenomena of double consciousness and the various epileptiform states would
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centres represent, or, in other words, co-ordinate, movements of all parts of the
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no worse than the general death-rate of all births. Flaischlen (Ztschr.f.
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three courses, each consisting of ten meetings, and lasting ten weeks.
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usage, and Maimonides, a celebrated Jewish rabbi, philosopher,