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University. Fourth Edition, Philadelphia and London : J. B.

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of disease. Certain dropsies were found to be relieved or cured

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was slight flattening of the pelvis ; thirdly, there was an extreme degree

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that the fact of insanity must be clearly proved.^ In practice

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patient is told to return next morning for blood examination (Wasser-

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the amount of Urea in the urine ; by others, to promote the

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Thomas, L. William, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor

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when the cause returns, the symptoms return. The same is

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In regard to locality, as was only to be expected, the great

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an inadequate supply is also followed by certain effects more or less

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stration. Obviously the twist should be just sufficient to permit

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operation is undertaken. 7. That such puncture should be made in the

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also soft. The cranial bones were easily divided with the knife, and

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out that " the distinction between a man whose want of control

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quite as potent as the fear of legal punishment. The kind of

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Officers and Members of the Sixty-two Component County Societies. Total Membership 4(93.

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Nocturnal restlessness. — All except two had more or less dis-

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Treatment. — It will be obvious from what has gone before that the

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laboratory studying antigenic characteristics of malignant cells, as well as the

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The term traumatic insanity has been applied to a certain group

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greatest possible caution is necessary in drawing inferences from

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symbolising neural processes has merely resolved itself into a disquisition

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mixture, without exciting a new fermentation; thereby the danger

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favourable in such cases than when the psychosis develops some months,

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hypertrophied, but otherwise looked normal. On closer examination, as

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vermifojm appendix was about tAvo inches long, and Avas adherent by its

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of the germicidal solution. Curetting and douching of the uterine cavity

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retics, and it is possible that while passing out in the urine

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acting from the^blood on the nervous system; other are local

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causes the mind to act. Estimation guiding the way of action, and

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book is divided into sections rather than chapters, an anatomical or

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believed to save the young of both sexes from vicious habits, and

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