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bowels. The obstruction in such cases is due to a combination of causes
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causes can be ruled out, including the toxaemias of lead and other
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they afiect the mind in various ways ; exciting it^ confvsiDg
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Jaundice. — There was a history of an attack of catarrhal
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then filled by Joseph Bell, who presided over the Journal until
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army with retired pay or gratuity, according to the scale laid
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in the family. The child's toys were celluloid. The drinking water
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s. AdulteraUon ofDrugs and Other Sub- Election of officers resulted as foUows:
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II. S. Ph;!ri;.a"o; t-:;!, );iiir>. In one oc :avo
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obsolete. The operation has an exceedingly low mortality, and if per-
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in the elderly; evaluation of preventive and rehabilitative care strategies; cur-
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ult\ were James ( xx ke (anatomy and physiology), James Shaw (chemistry) and
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It may not bo so desirable to produce vomiting; for this is
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Those on a time-limited visa, such as a student visa, are not eligible for admis-
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of intellectual development. The era of Marathon and Salamis
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John B. Carrell, Hatboro. John W. Bllenberger, Harrisburg.
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absence of mucus in the stools, and it occurred as frequently in
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Possibly the utility of "this medicine may depend upon a
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W. Foster Cross, and " Vagus Inliibition from Chloroform," by Mr.
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candidate completed his course as a medical student.
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bromine is slow, so that possibly the drug may be useful in epilepsy.
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chemistry and molecular biology, the department offers a place-out examination
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the heart after death in those who die of disease primarily
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vasomotor centres. The latter is almost certainly the essential cause.
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referred to should inform us when it is proper to discontinue
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possible. I now leave these abscesses alone if they give rise to
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cases under care and treatment at the Colony for Epileptics,
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subject as medicine are no longer given, the prevalent view being
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He is doing it simply by changing their attitude of mind toward
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both cases was attributed to an attack of measles, but the causal
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excel them in shrewdness because so much of their diet is made
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