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She took no notice of anything, and made no sign if, for example, she
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suffering from mental disease or defect, but that the actual
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the morning. An acute attack of gonorrhoea may thus run its course in
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vitality ; and it increases flatulent distension. All nutriment
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the pain in the stomach by difiusing itself directly it reaches
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of potash, small blisters along the course of the affected nerve, inunction
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or silver, and — noise it not abroad — for copper. Was it not stated
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individual with a knife, nor would it be strange to find a soldier in a
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elongated or in a state of transformation. The possibility of some
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which disorder constipation and distention of the bowel are
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asphyxial, and hyperpyrexial forms of insolation, the two latter appear to
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ticipating in laboratory studies. Up to three medical students can be accommo-
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by giving a small dose one gets the astringent action of the
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Case 6. — Adcanced cancer of rectum ; first evidenced hy sudden
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Ninth District- Beaver County, George J. Boyd, Beaver Falls; Lawrence County, James M. Popp,
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one notable exception, Eustace Smith (-), in " The Wasting Diseases
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had an "occasional sore throat." The other four had had neither
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Lead I. — The average ventricular rate is 91 per minute. There is a very
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Feeble-minded Prisoners. — I have classed 23 per cent, of the
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of extreme exhaustion, with a genital canal infected by prolonged
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instance was in the month when the Department is rather understaffed
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Hi Consultation with the faculty and staff of the medical school as well as the
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metatarsal, as a result of ill-fitting splints or other appliances. While it is
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are made so much more comfortable in their use of muscles that they
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when the excretion has been experimentally arrested by ligature of the renal
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Diseases. — J. Shaw M'Laren, F.R.C.S.E., late Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary,
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hi adaelies and [i.ui'sthi'siae. Value of locality nnd
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Chrysophanic acid, which occurs in the urine of patients taking rhubarb
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applicable to them as hold good for obstructions in the small
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Allentown caster, Mercer, Northampton, Susquehanna,
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which it cannot escape, and in other respects is entirely vacant.
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For simplicity of examination, we are accustomed to test for
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cause vomiting, especially when a violent counter-^irritant
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Abrams, Jeffrey S., MD, Medical School Associate Professor
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diseases depending upon perverted function of duct-