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specific pathogenic virus, as in tuberculosis, syphilis, or leprosy ; while in

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There is, of course, a risk of producing nephritis in the expectant

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boundary of responsibility, which were exceedingly difficult to

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cases seem quite unaffected by treatment, do not as a rule suffer from

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very thin but is not emaciated, tliat he has a sallow complexion, dark

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the physiological excretion of urine were made on ten persons ; he first

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laceration and infection of the pelvic tissues began to develop.

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may appear to be suggested, that the primary specific factor is the

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A^ery neat form Avhereby ti) administer ardenalin as an ointment, of

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Anis, Nabil, DVS, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

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and the condition of the bowel in chronic intestinal dyspepsia

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ical schools may apply for admission to the year III class only. Application must

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Abscesses of the liver are divided into the tropical abscess, which

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faddists on its behalf have been absurdly extravagant. It was in

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or three students to a member of the faculty for the entire clerkship. As an alter-

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maintenance of health. Clinical laboratory scientists are involved in performing

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systole." While the four functions above enumerated are inherent in

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series, those cases only have been taken which were under

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under a strain or temptation which would be resisted by ordinary

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pay (5s. a day additional) for 3 years, or a brigade surgeon-

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of visual defects and weaknesses, instead of the neglect of the eyes that was so

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or a number of the patients must feel the concluding manipulations

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out qualitative changes in the blood ; during the latter half leukaemia

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that the living substance of organisms is inconceivably complex

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Lancereaux,Voisin, Glutton, Bowlby, Howard Marsh, and Jonathan

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Menzer's conception of acute rheumatism is that it is a streptococcic

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enormous evils which follow in the wake of intemperance. A

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16. Caldecott. — Rid., 1902, September 13. Semon. — Brit. Med.

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Mohammedans always wash the corpse with water and soap,

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in country districts than it is in New York City. The reason for this