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and faculty for the School of Medicine. Early in the twentieth century, Drs. James

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frequently lost in the manic phase. Female patients of this type are

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by the existence of early vascular disease throughout all the organs and

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so that it is much scarcer than that precious commodity called

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liberal construction of the existing rule, there are many strongly

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scopic examination showed the condition to be due to the rupture of a

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may be diminished or suppressed by a cause over which we

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it. In animals suffering from deep shock, nitroglycerin and the nitrites

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lesion and not to the special tabetic process, as is shown l\y the

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the nineteenth century, when the relative oriental isolation was for-

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the organism cannot utilize them, as in the case of diabetes.

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come back here in these swiftly changeful days and find the same

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course be considered to be susceptible of more than a demon-

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research centers, government agencies and professional associations. The Uni-

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bility would simply incline the jury to an acquittal in the event

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more important, these solid facts of biology and micro-biology,

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then and there regardless of the laboratory report, and even in spite

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and in others of which we may not feel sure that the effect of the

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which the growth Avas brought out of the abdomen. It was cut away,

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Sims confessed, suck a baby " comforter." After all there may

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No. 119, October 14, 1920. Tracing made with the patient lying in bed. Re-

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supported by the relation between the affected joint and the seat of the

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genesis." The works of G-alton, Bateson, De Vries, and others

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the relative amounts of mono- and di-sodium phosphates present, and when a

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frame changed for a Thomas hip splint. There may still be a

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and of Ireland, and from the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons

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evidently falling out of favor." Although Allbutt does not, I still

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once began to vomit, and suffered from violent burning pain in the

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similar conditions of stimulation. When he ceases to dress himself

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and 163 lenses were furnished free to children whose parents were unable to pay

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symptoms of chronic intestinal dyspepsia were typically present.

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special elective affinity for some organ or tissue as suggested by

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surface was smooth and lined with amnion. The placenta was very