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recover tone under the influence of appropriate stimulants. That

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son, as well as in Norris and Oliver's large work. The earliest

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and work downwards rather than to begin with a small size and work up

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found (possible error in technique), in one only six, and in another only

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be placed in a porcelain lid, and then a few drops of nitric acid be added,

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dressed with some antiseptic powder, no sutures are applied or

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vessels, on the ducts of glands, and on mucous membranes

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tion of the reader and impressing him with the essentials of what is

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diagnosis may be very difficult. Although ursemic convulsions may be uni-

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he thinks he has detected the heterogenetic process at work.

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the zeal shown by those who might be expected to support them more

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Pultun— George M. Robinson. M. D.. McConuellsbiirK.

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self : but it is not too much to suppose that matters which have

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force, and to compare the results. When we come to the supra-

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Blaikie, J. BuUNToN. Clironic Intestinal Dyspepsia of Cliildieu

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matter, the correlations of energy, the structure of the flowers and

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is divided from behind forwards, or it is done by Maisonneuve's method, in

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would appear that a high degree of acidity of the urine and a relatively

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obtained, never the difficulties attending the treat-