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physical signs at the apex of the upper lobe, even though the

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I cannot but envy tlie discretion of my friends, and witli such a

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Dakin considers - that a man of ordinary strength should

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withdrawal of carbohydrates caused the entire disappearance of sugar

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She threatened to abort three months ago, but the danger was averted.

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origin are either lymphocytic throughout, or poly-nuclear at first and

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visible, especially in urines which have a pink colour.

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lesion was found, but fibro-caseous nodules were present in the

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where the poison has entered. Here and there cases that have been

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should stop the digestive process altogether. And why is the

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anaesthetic. One would naturally expect greater haemorrhage

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Intestinal movements were so vigorous as to be obvious. The right

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Museum, and we would like to offer our hearty congratulations to

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platform from that which it occupies in diphtheria, tetanus, botulism,

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magnesium chloride. A similar action (;an be shown on pieces of gut

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leges and Secondary Schools and is a member of the Association of American Uni-

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state of raptus this act is frequently performed in public and without

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By J. Brunton Blaikie, M.D., Physician, Hospital for Consumption,

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does not get rid of them — and attempt to meet them in a rational

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skin has been excised aseptically, for example, in the removal of a small

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Before the commission as a lieutenant on probation is con-

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case of puerperal insanity the infant should be taken from its mother.

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accuracy and limits of computed tomography and MRI in staging gynecologic

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kept in a bath of normal saline at body temperature and with a free

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10. The^M^nufacture of the Clinical Ther- *^^'™'' ^- Poland. J- Mitchell; trustees.

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Schick and others state that so small an amount of antitoxin in the

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vided for under their policies, then any narrow interpretation, such

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growing child especially that careful supervision should be given to

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Begbie described a group of symptoms which he regarded as characteristic