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Gallic acid is of little or no^use as an Astringent when applied
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with interest and with profit. In the middle of the last century
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but of their presence in the blood. Huppert has well pointed out that the
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appears to be the brom-dietliylacetamide. To this the name of neuronal
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constipation, a condition nearly always present in these cases.
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ment or any bungling or uncertainty! on the part of the surgeon will increase
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sulphuric acid and permanganate solution, but only after all trace of the
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which particularly diminishes the secretion of the bowels.
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To us, in the sixties, the Royal Medical Society supplied many
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Liebig was the first to pcnnt out the connexion between
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cause vomiting, especially when a violent counter-^irritant
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half of the leg. The floor of the ulcer is sunken, smooth and shiny
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scheme of reform, not the whole of it. Now is the time when
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method are : (1) Avoidance of pneumothorax, (2) simplicity, (3) small-
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special Stimulants; others, as Dr. Duncan, have named them
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required for a degree in medicine or surgery at a university in the
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information prepared for them by the Commissioners.
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manifestly the platino-cyanide screen is of no avail.
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Over two hundred children with bad, de- m. 1. ^ -^ ^x. 1 ui
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way derange the normal function of the stomach. All these
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and in rectum. Onset sudden, three weeks ago, gradually subsiding, but recurring
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* Turner, C. V.: British Journal Children's Diseases, London, 1915, xii, 107-109.
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a profound involvement of the liver or the gTavity of the t}^e