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development in the common gnat (Culex 2^ij'ie7is) found to take place in
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and the same numljcr contained an advertisement by Messrs.
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nouncing the opening of a Branch of the Institution at 7 Tor-
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Diagnosis. — Chronic tonsillitis, tonsillectomy advised.
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They are not Soporific. Their action is soon manifested
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radiated and passed to the intima (Plate I. Fig. 2). Microscopically,
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expertise in the fields of trauma (head and spinal cord injury), combined with
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cavity contained over a pint, the smaller about half a pint of a greenish
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{Mineral /M«5^ana€«.-r-Ammonia and its. Carbonates. Phos-
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ledge of the physiology of the central nervous system would never
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The action, of Neurotics, or ^erve-medicines^ is rapid; but
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medicine, partly, but not entirely, on account of its solubility.
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must be had to drugs, and of these phenacetin in five-grain doses is by far
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Educating medical practitioners tor the state and the nation is the prin-
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majority of these hcemorrhages. If the congestion alone were the
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praise, Init we may indicate that the " Practical Therapeutic Refer-
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before ulceration and degenerative process. The caseous mass
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treated by non-intervention the mortality does not probably exceed 10
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gelatin is its chief parent substance, whilst kreatin and glycocol are also
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some other cause. "When occurring in the early stage of the disease
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of methaBinoglobin. Urines rich in indican, which is itself colourless, often
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Tuberculous Nature of Certain Types of Chronic Poly-
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divorce his mate. A woman is unclean to her husband, who may
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of the o;|rifiee of the> hepatic dupt in the duodenum, produced