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recognising the conditions under which the use of forceps becomes
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these centres are diseased, or the continuity of their fibres
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less in all forms of anaemia. Hannon describes three forms of
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spots here disappear rapidly and do not recur. It is essential to use
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ance in making a correct diagnosis. Eeferred pain to the right
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very similar to those in chronic nephritis. The examination of the urine,
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in infancy; scarlet fever and septicaemia in 1907; pleuritis in 1916; influenza
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to submit a second-stage application. Nonresidents will either be sent second-
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of treatment applicable, depending on the stage and severity of this disease.
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With regard first to the general selection of ansesthetic or
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ciousness may be due to shock or actual damage to the skull, membranes,
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kill by syncope. Some medicine may cause syncope by an
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excitement. Interest is the safety-valve of the moral steam.
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ment and financial need. The amounts of these fellowships, scholarships and
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ing sickness, malaria, beri-beri. Several other papers follow, dealing
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inhibition of the movements caused by the desire to touch the
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the perspiration ; as by coldness of the surface, light clothing,
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tissue change, circulation, respiration. In explaining the working
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fibrinous tissue. The constriction, set up chemically, is ap-
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trations of the difficulties and complications of obstetrics. Most
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had never asked himself that he should be thus cured of his liquor
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referred pain are therefore Important. Referred pain
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the patient is not feverish. Such a healing sore may be taken as the ideal
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To open the cystic duct or the common duct, and, if need be, drain
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Latham, Patricia S., MD, Research Assistant Professor
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The book is not, and does not pretend to be, a text-book of general
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The result is to produce a helpless state of semi-conscious inebriation,