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(44) The German Abiturienten-Examon of the Gymnasia and Real-

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It is always in crystalline form, the appearance of the crystals varying

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retina at all. One letter at a time was all that could be employed.

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and have to return to their father's house. An Arab poet

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duction of inebriation these functions are impaired and de-

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Electrocardiographic Examination (Fig. 13).- — Made by Dr. Harry D. Clough.

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l)eing released from the check of punishment, as that criminals

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dietary relationship can be postulated other than most tentatively.

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Finkelstein and Meter: Jahrhuch f. Kinderh., 1910, v. 71.

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Irrcjularifi/ of the hotocls, though, unlike the above symptoms,

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done by a, sustained effort. This is a most important therapeutic point,

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ical examination constitute the fundamental skills of every physician. To acquire

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detached from the umbilicus and removed. If the bowel below is closed

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incline to the correctness of Danielopolo's belief in the " disequi-

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in bed; sometimes they have to be discontinued on account of the

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indulged in this vice for at least six years ; and the mental condition as

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pronounces the biblical formula, " For dust thou art, and unto

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cases and to tabulate and analyse the symptoms, although it is

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is no hole-and-corner work in the brain, no independent action of

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Of the former, the most important are Purgatives and Dia-

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blue and cold. In these cases, before having application to antipyretic

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tional in many respects. The magnitude of the sacrifices and hence the