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In a paper on the same subject — " Ureteral catheterisation. Urine

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of physiological activity would probably make little impression

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lead to the extension of the inflammation to the Fallopian tubes and

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set of talks {p) will be given on the relation of non-neurological

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Zebra Guide is meant to enhance interaction among students, residents and

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Thus Mercury is, in the first place, a Catalytic Haematic; in

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tendency, founded on some clinical observations made many years

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occupied over tlie procedure, as a whole, in a private house, seems

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of formication, numbness, and tingling in the legs were present. Tactile

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in the world of medicine. At the particular time about to be

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to promote the flow of urine. Suprapubic drainage of the bladder may be

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allowed free play in the living and circulating blood. They

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posed in. their action, Strychnia being an exalter of sensation

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Special courses for both nonspecialists and ophthalmologists are given at various

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University of Aberdeen. — Fee for course of instruction, 9 guineas.

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begin to establish priorities for expedient formulation of differential diagnoses

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describes the preparation of stagnin as follows : — The spleen is removed

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They stimulate secretion generally ; but Mercur^ particularly

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seen in insane asylums. Almost without exception, however, those

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(n) psychology, normal and abnormal, and (o) tests for general

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