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which it cannot escape, and in other respects is entirely vacant.

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the leucocytes are between 6000 and 8000 per, the cyst is non-

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epidemiology and preventive medicine. Attendance in all course work in clini-

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food they had had prior to being brought to hospital. At the

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enervates where it does not enslave. It destroys slowly what it

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is detached, the redness increases in the denuded points, the false membrane

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each side of the cleft, and have afterwards sutured it with fine catgut

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there, and works ^ out its operation in the lower part of the

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Blackfan in the Atner. Jour, of Med. Sci. for June, 1917, reviews

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There is no doubt that the Meteorological Society Eeports are

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than for public libraries in which the circulation is chiefly con-

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satisfied with his examination, and when Watson asked him if he

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lungs are found to be healthy, but shrunken and bloodless;

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Theophilus Thompson as a powerful preservative for those

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pressure upon the bladder may cause a few drops of urine to trickle from

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the button sometimes under the scar in the right iliac fossa. The

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dynia may be referred to an action of this kind. The actioxL

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The lines on which I think treatment should be conducted

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upon the output of chlorides in the urine. Redtenbacher, in 1850, emphasised

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by me on October the 6th, when he was orthopnoeic, and had anasarcous