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in another indirect way. Any thing which diminishes the
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(9) Medicine, including medical anatomy and clinical medicine.
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The other tj'pe of pyemic and metastatic abscesses are those arising
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by what we now know of the agency of these noxious insects in
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who have shown that the longitudinal cleavage of the cells of Purkinje
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is in exactly the right position to be transferred to the plunger and
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turies ago. It is now neither in accordance with expert know-
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Fairchild, Emily S., MD, Medical School Assistant Professor
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even suspected. It may well be that similar changes occur in the
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water (about 50° C), the water to be frequently changed — the use of
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of such a portion of skin the raw surface soon becomes covered with a
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oxygenation, or contaminated by infective agents and processes.
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areas, to what conclusion can we possibly come but that within
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lustre, yet remain, certain educational advantages which the most
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and the licence of the Society of Apothecaries, London.
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cholangitis, the passage of a calculus or thick mucus into the common
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(Strychnia; Brucia; Toxicodendron; Ergot of Bye; Borax;
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tincture of strophanthus, 10 minims of tincture of digitalis, 5 minims of
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and, on account of its primary stimulant action, it should only
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legislated for; the narrow pelvis is measured, its type discovered,
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of an excess of sodium hydrate in the hypobromite solution, and the nitrogen is
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increased ; similarly, an increase in the inflammatory exudation in cases
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hypospadias. And the patient is well content with the operation if this end
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loosely woven, it is in many ways suggestive, and interesting as typify-
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blundering fashion sometimes, after careful reasoning at others ;
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mucous membrane and infiltration with miliary tubercles. The epithelial