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1893, p. 62. 12. Henoch — "Yorlesungen iiber Kinderkrankheiten,"
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on the mesenteric side, but only ^ in. on the convexity. One or two
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Three of the five cases show practically a normal weight for
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vaginal examination. In the male, the tumour may be felt in the
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The same medicine is an Ahtiscrofulic. It is applicable
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chronic cystitis is set up with a deposit of mucus and phosphates which
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was admitted on 17th February 1903. Four or five weeks before she
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had occasionally to effect a forcible entrance ; and the botanical
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by separation, nor does he believe that there is any evidence to show
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founded on fact — " If this is tea, I wish coffee ; if this is coffee,
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increased by exertion, explains the frequent involvement of the aorta
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issue for 1903, but the increased number of plates and illustrations
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do\vn for the treatment of such conditions as they arise from any
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sterile normal saline solution, and then by means of cotton-wool mops
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lunatic who might be capable of considering the prospect of his
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belong to the mineral kingdom, while most of those that
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" The lowest centres are the most simple and most organised centres ; each
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A more rare villous carcinoma of the urethra which occurs in younger men,
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meat to a pellagra-producing diet, without other modification will
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here to go into detail as to the pathogenesis of this syndrome. I shall
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that is really sthenic; and it is, as a general tule, a wiser
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for they all demonstrate the existence of gross or microscopic changes in
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in the upper [)art of the choana, but not that portion covered with wool.
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Hutchison, whilst he was unable to obtain evidence of the accumulation of
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The family history was negative except that one brother had heart disease