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cases quoted, as well as in the large majority of milder cases
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Avas satisfactory ; while a further unexpected result was obtained in the
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• The Phosphorus in Cod-liver oil would soon be oxidized,
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ceedingly unstable, and tears and laughter can be alternately produced
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islands were always affected. Diabetes is symptomatic either of the
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Mackenzie's text-book on " Diseases of the Eye," one finds that
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tard or Snlphate of Zinc, which acts at once without pro-
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accompanied by some of the other signs or symptoms already mentioned.
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cases was the subject left-handed, and that cardiac lesions existed
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chair and raise the two feet to the line of traction and fix them
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years. This is not quite in accord with some of the notions that prevail,
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roimmunology and biology is under way. The department holds a demyelinating
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is receiving treatment for the chest condition, for the angemia, and for
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Quinine and all internal remedies have failed, the tincture of
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Dr. William H. Park, of methods for the refinement and concentra-
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which resis'ted other drugs, such as hydrastis and stypticin. It is given
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Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine: preventive medicine,
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hundreds of cases, will show much more clearly than any written descrip-
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were usually quite regular. Six months ago he began to have rumbling
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pupillary inequality was met with twenty-six times. He does not think
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gonorrhoeal cases — if acute, poly-nuclear leucocytosis ; if subacute,
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At registration all students must pay a health fee that covers all regular
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other disorders. In the strangury which may sometimes fol-
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lunatic who might be capable of considering the prospect of his
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this connection is chiefly based on the fact of its entering into the
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not more generous ; and it will certainly be the duty of every one
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lung disease. I know of at least one school where breathing
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lesions elsewhere, a careful examination of the cardiovascular appa-
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Knowles, Frederick, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
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In our study of the concept of mind it is important to recognise the
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rather rejoiced at, when properly conceived. The univeise is not
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other to albumin, are sometimes visible. The uric ring is removed by heating.
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and similar in type. When th(! circular coat is cut along the same axis,
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Of primary growths epithelioma is the commonest, not differing in appear-
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RachBeisel, Jill, MD, Medical School Assistant Professor